Throwback Thursday No. 3 - a brief foray into vlogging

19 July 2018

Vlogging is a genre of online video that I have steered well clear of for the most part.

Certainly the way vlogging has developed in recent years requires an energy and a desire to film absolutely everything you live and breathe that I do not possess.

That said, ten years ago I did experiment with the form, so let’s take a look.

Top Ten Predictions for the Future of Journalism (December 2009)

The context: So to understand this one you need to picture me at the end of 2009: newly freelance, living in a tiny room in London and - frankly - terrified.

The first six months of freelancing were pretty nausea inducing for me, and I constantly questioned whether I had made the right decision.

The paid gigs were few and far between.

The only thing I had going for me was a blog I was writing about the future of journalism. So with the new year, and it’s plethora of predictions lists, approaching I decided it would be a good piece of #content.

The story: to do a predictions list wasn’t new but I don’t remember anyone else doing it in video at the time.

I had a tiny HD camera - the now defunct Kodak Zi8, which even had an input for an external microphone - and a white wall in my tiny bedroom.

Looking back: yes, I know: that hair. Well, all I can say is it hasn’t improved that much since.

As you can probably imagine, I cringe watching this. But this series wouldn’t be much good if I only looked at the work I was proud of.

I will say the editing is peppy and at least it is fast-paced.

It’s interesting to see the use of jump cuts in the editing, plus the use of a whiteboard, which would become staples of the YouTube vlogging scene. It was not an original idea in 2009 either.

One thing I don’t like: I’m using copyrighted music, something I have made a point of never doing. All I’ll say is, it was before the affordable music libraries became available. (But still, no excuse).

I did it again a year later: I enjoyed making this video and it was popular on the blog, so a year later I did a rinse and repeat.

This turns out to be super handy. Put these two side-by-side and you can see how I have improved and developed in the space of 12 months.

I must have learned motion graphics this year as this new video is full of them. The haircut’s a bit better too…