Blog post No.30 and a goal accomplished

03 August 2018

30 days of blogging

I started this period of creative self-reflection with a pledge: to blog every weekday for 30 days straight, no excuses.

There were two rules:

  1. each blog post had to be something original I had thought or created (so not curating other things from the web);
  2. each blog post had to be unique to that day; in other words, I couldn’t know what that day’s blog post was going to be when I woke up.

Experience tells me that these creative junctions always risk becoming extended fallow periods; that with no reason to create, no project to fulfil, no deadline to meet, it’s easy for a break to become a creative crisis.

The goal here was simple: to give me a reason to make something, anything, worthy of uploading every day.

No matter how despondent or lazy I felt, I could always say “well I posted that”.

It has kept me grounded, it has kept me moving and I cannot recommend it enough as a way to break through a period of creative uncertainty.

Sadly things are starting to get busier through August with a new commission and a brief trip abroad in the schedule.

I will keep this blog going - if not every day, then as many days as I can.

Now to go and nerd out flying some planes.