Flipping failure and rejection on their head

31 August 2018

No-one wants to fail and we’re all afraid of rejection.

I have designed my whole career largely around the idea of avoiding rejection (by never putting myself forward for anything in the first place).

A couple of perspectives have changed my thinking on this quite radically, and I thought I’d share them.

Firstly, this powerful quote from Derek Sivers:

“It’s impossible to fail if your only goal was to see what happens.”

It’s a simple mental reframing of a challenge but insulates you from the emotional impact of a failure.

And then there’s this from editor Vivian Lee.

A very powerful way to flip a fear of rejection into something that encourages you forward rather than holding you back.

It’s already convinced me to submit my series Parallax to two festivals, and track the rejections as they come in.