An experimental web series (2017)

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Nearly 40 years ago, Carl Sagan imagined an Encyclopaedia Galactica, a “vast repository of the knowledge of many worlds”.

“Imagine” he pondered, “the impact on us if we could study a rich compilation of not merely one world but billions.”

Parallax is a series of video essays that wonders what this Encyclopaedia Galactica might look like. What do we learn when we step outside of our myopic, planetary view and see life from a wider perspective?

Parallax is an ambitious experiment in visual storytelling.

It takes the video essay genre and smashes it with science-fiction, using video in the public domain in a unique and creative way. I wanted to see what would happen if I screwed with the conventions of the documentary/video essay and used a fictional narrator.

I worked with actor, Jennifer Munby, to create a voice for the alien narrator that oozes timeless wisdom.

The series has an original score, composed by Dale Nichols that evokes the TV series Cosmos.