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Jaron Lanier Fixes The Internet

Fed up of having your data stolen by big tech? Silicon Valley’s maverick futurist has a plan to fix the internet.

Data is the new oil — and we should all be rich. Instead, silicon valley tech giants have tricked us into giving away this valuable resource for free. In this entertaining three-part series, futurist Jaron Lanier offers an alternative future, where we are paid for data.

I first discovered Jaron Lanier’s radical ideas back in 2013, so I was really excited to be asked to direct this series. I wanted to make the most of his electric personality and so I rotoscoped animations over him while he talks.

Data is it an abstract idea, usually treated with digital zeros and ones flying around on screen. I was determined to avoid this cliché and designed a new stomach churning metaphor — a dark gloopy fluid leaking from our spinal chords. This was a complicated effect to achieve, using real life props and motion tracking to sell the illusion.

I’m really proud of this film, I hope you enjoy it!

Story Designer