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Operation Infektion

This Emmy-nominated documentary traces the history of fake news back to the KGB in rip-roaring style.

Set over fifty years of recent history, Operation Infektion is a rip-roaring Cold War spy caper with serious consequences.

It tells the incredible true story of how the KGB perfected the dark art of dezinformatsiya, a strategy of creating and spreading incredible lies as a form of warfare.

Operation Infektion is the very best of New York Times journalism combined with my own style of visual storytelling.

Starting with more than a year’s worth of reporting by Adam Ellick, I created a broad story design for a three-part series. I scripted and storyboarded the series, establishing the virus metaphor that would be central to the telling of the story. Due to the complexity and density of information, I designed creative metaphors and used repetition to parse out story beats.

Operation Infektion premiered at the SVA Theatre in New York and was broadcast on the BBC World News Channel.

Story Designer