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This strange, dark Sci-Fi documentary imagines an advanced alien species watching earth from afar. What do they make our planet — and us?

This project was a year-long undertaking: the most ambitious single project I have undertaken by myself. I spent months researching xenology, the study of extra-terrestrial life, in order to describe the ordinary details human life in extraordinary terms.

The aliens see earth ‘upside-down’, think the planet is run by corporations and that humans are a symbiotic organism called ‘employees’.

The galactic imagery and images of earth were all created from scratch using After Effects and the Trapcode Suite. I auditioned a dozen actors to find the perfect voice for Carla Sagan, the wise alien narrator. I commissioned composer Dale Nichols to write an original score for the series, inspired by Carl Sagan’s 1980s epic Cosmos.

Episode One

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