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128 / Creative Friends

You don’t have to look far to find inspiring musicians, painters and poets in your world.

My friend Dave is a solicitor. On weekends he writes his own songs in his living room, with a challenge to record one new track a month. (His song England Will Fall captures the melancholy of British life perfectly.)

After dropping her three kids off at school, my friend Esther drives to the beach and paints these incredible plein air oil landscapes. Look at those skies!

Ben hosts his own radio show on Spotify every week, his chance to play the songs he loves and express his passion for music.

My friend Chelsea sacrificed her evenings and weekends for months to write a novel. It’s coming out in June!

When Caro needs to unwind, she puts on a podcast, pulls out some pens and draws intricate, colourful floral patterns, many of which now adorn the walls of our home.

Rishi, Brendan, Kirby and Phil somehow find time and energy between their day jobs and families to make really good videos on YouTube.

Suyin started writing poems in the pandemic, a bunch of which have been published in anthologies.

When my brother-in-law isn’t reporting from dangerous places, he writes fiction, including this powerful short story collection.

Some of my friends have found success and recognition for their creative hobbies; others have no interest in fame or fortune.

But everyone is drawn by that same desire: to make a little room for creative magic in their lives, no matter their age or circumstances.

Almost everyone picked up their hobby in their thirties or beyond.

And quite simply, it makes them happy.

Until another Sunday soon,

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