Letters About Journalism

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107 / Three! New! Things!

Two videos and a comic short story - all finished this week.

074 / Fuck Fish

Why do I suddenly give up on something right when things seem on the verge of taking off?

063 / Eating Toilet Paper for Coronavirus

This week I made a satirical video for The New York Times about this new coronavirus thing.

044 / Cloud Bergs

Some thoughts on striking the right tone in journalism and documentary. The world is a serious place, but sometimes a light touch is what’s needed.

039 / September 29th 2009

Reflecting on a decade of being a freelance filmmaker and journalist - and an update from the Emmy Awards!

030 / A New Film I'm Proud Of

A behind-the-scenes look at a new film I’ve made for The New York Times - plus some exciting news about a film I directed last year!

019 / Five Miscellaneous Things

There’s a lot in this one! Poetry, filmmaking, graphic novels and visual storytelling - take your pick!

018 / Planned Improv

Notes on the balance between preparation and improv in the creative process, while shooting a film for The New York Times.

016 / Keep Hanging On, Kid

Remembering Lyra McKee, a fellow journeyman who lost her life too soon in Northern Ireland.

011 / Five Days

A day-by-day account of writing and designing a film for The New York Times.

010 / Building A Body Of Work

You’re not just publishing into a never ending stream, you’re building a library of work