Letters About Mental Health

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139 / Daily Rituals

This creative routine works for me, it might work for you.

134 / Return, Stop, Peak, Start

Endings, beginnings and an exciting announcement

125 / Silence The Influencers

Some notes on the challenge of finding your own voice in this noisy world

119 / Aquanimity

The power of radical acceptance; or - what I talk about when I talk about swimming

110 / New Shoots

On creative bereavement and new beginnings - plus some important announcements about this newsletter.

108 / Fear Takes The Floor

This week’s letter is from a special guest writer

107 / Three! New! Things!

Two videos and a comic short story - all finished this week.

105 / Noticing What You Notice

Trusting that something is interesting simply because you find it interesting…a radical act of self-love.

097 / Portrait Of A Year

I drew myself every week for a year - and now I see myself transformed.

095 / Fill More Sketchbooks!

A new year is a perfect time to start a new daily sketchbook habit. Here’s some more advice on how to make it work.

090 / Don't Make Work Out Of Things You Enjoy

Some thoughts on creativity and work, plus an important announcement about the future of this newsletter.

088 / This Is The Time To Be Slow

Some advice for artists who feel they should be more productive this year

087 / Psychoterratica

A joyful moment with sweat on my brow, my blistered hands caked in thick dirt, interacting with the earth in a meaningful way.

075 / White Supremacy Interlude

Some quiet thoughts in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and all that has followed.

073 / Solitary Refinement

As the lockdown continues, I’ve been thinking about what things from this period of self-isolation I want to keep.

066 / The Grief In Our Lungs

The world locks down, we are left with little choice but to sit alone with our pain. Some thoughts on grief.

065 / You Don't Need To Make Art Today

Some thoughts from the first days of lockdown - should you be making art out of all this chaos? Don’t feel guilty if you can’t.

064 / We're The Extras

I don’t know about you, but I feel insignificant in the face of extraordinary events.

060 / Stormy Weather

A short comic about weathering my own personal storms this month.

058 / A Kind of Aliveness I Live For

A crucial distinction for all artists - you don’t think in order to draw, you draw in order to think.

057 / Endings

My life has a lot of endings in it right now. Some reflections on the passing of Kobe Bryant.

032 / Hobbies

How I have denied myself a hobby for most of my life - until this summer.

027 / I Don't Know How To Be Older Than This

How I lost my way and some advice for creative folk in their 30s.

024 / The Sacred Stage

Are you feeling creatively blocked? You might be thinking about your ideas all wrong.

023 / A Vague Haze of Malaise

I’ve been feeling depressed lately and I wonder if it’s connected to how much time I make for myself to create.