Letters About Screenwriting

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118 / The Storytelling Stick

Sticks, Twitches, Gifts and Touchstones — let me show you how these simple devices can make your stories rich with meaning.

036 / Things I Know About Visual Storytelling

Sixteen tips to help you improve your filmmaking and comics art.

024 / The Sacred Stage

Are you feeling creatively blocked? You might be thinking about your ideas all wrong.

017 / Practicing Scales

Some practical advice on how filmmakers can build a daily practice habit that improves their craft.

013 / Three Thoughts on Visual Storytelling

On Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse, the nature of juxtaposition and writing screenplay dialogue.

009 / Barbecues On The Titanic

On climate change and how stories create aesthetic emotion to comprehend what’s happening.

005 / The Screenplay Problem

The problem with screenwriting as a creative pursuit, and three ideas to fix it.

002 / Trust The Process

Thoughts on patience and the creative process on months-long projects.