Letters About The Covid Pandemic

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137 / Magic Is A Choice

And you don’t have to justify it to anyone!

102 / Silence, Please

Notes on quiet from the midst of self-isolation.

097 / Portrait Of A Year

I drew myself every week for a year - and now I see myself transformed.

091 / Remember Me?

I’m back from a short hiatus with two new films to show you.

088 / This Is The Time To Be Slow

Some advice for artists who feel they should be more productive this year

087 / Psychoterratica

A joyful moment with sweat on my brow, my blistered hands caked in thick dirt, interacting with the earth in a meaningful way.

081 / Do It On Purpose

Did I actually choose the life I’m living? Some thoughts on intentional living, with help from Dolly Parton.

080 / Hair!

Two very different approaches to facing your fears.

077 / Midpoint

Are we really only halfway through this thing?

075 / White Supremacy Interlude

Some quiet thoughts in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and all that has followed.

073 / Solitary Refinement

As the lockdown continues, I’ve been thinking about what things from this period of self-isolation I want to keep.

071 / The Lockdown Diaries

I’ve been keeping a visual journal during lockdown and I’ve learned to pay attention to the little things.

067 / The Sketchbook Problem

Sketchbooks are supposed to be a place for creative freedom. But rarely feel like that. A very long post with lots of pictures!

066 / The Grief In Our Lungs

The world locks down, we are left with little choice but to sit alone with our pain. Some thoughts on grief.

065 / You Don't Need To Make Art Today

Some thoughts from the first days of lockdown - should you be making art out of all this chaos? Don’t feel guilty if you can’t.

064 / We're The Extras

I don’t know about you, but I feel insignificant in the face of extraordinary events.

063 / Eating Toilet Paper for Coronavirus

This week I made a satirical video for The New York Times about this new coronavirus thing.