Letters About The Creator Economy

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112 / Instantaneous Paper Rebellion!

In praise of a medium that is at once unmeasurable, hopelessly unscalable and algorithmically unfathomable.

110 / New Shoots

On creative bereavement and new beginnings - plus some important announcements about this newsletter.

100 / Reasons To Be Optimistic

A video every creative person should see about the future of the creator economy.

074 / Fuck Fish

Why do I suddenly give up on something right when things seem on the verge of taking off?

059 / Ink And Gifts

Your hand-painted postcards are on their way! Here’s a step-by-step process of how I made them.

020 / You're Weird

Exceed algorithmic description - make art the computer cannot categorise!

015 / The Gift

A quick note on Patreon and the power of generosity in the Creator Economy.

014 / Outsider's Luck

Do people who aren’t trying so hard have some kind of outsider’s advantage?

010 / Building A Body Of Work

You’re not just publishing into a never ending stream, you’re building a library of work

005 / The Screenplay Problem

The problem with screenwriting as a creative pursuit, and three ideas to fix it.