Letters About The Postcards Project

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059 / Ink And Gifts

Your hand-painted postcards are on their way! Here’s a step-by-step process of how I made them.

058 / A Kind of Aliveness I Live For

A crucial distinction for all artists - you don’t think in order to draw, you draw in order to think.

056 / Negative Capability

On the inevitable uncertainty of making art and how filling sketchbook pages is helping me to tolerate it.

054 / Rock, Chalk and Ink

You share your advice on keeping a daily sketchbook practice and I try to do some simple drawing exercises.

052 / End of Season Finale

I have published a newsletter a week for a whole year! But what next? Plus an update on my postcards project.

051 / Banksy And The King

A story about the time Banksy squared off against London’s greatest graffiti artist - and lost.

050 / Ink and Card

I’ve just come up with an idea for an exciting project and I want to tell you all about it!