Letters About This Newsletter

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113 / Sometimes You Have To See It, To See It

I’m excited to reveal a new creative storytelling project and a pop-up newsletter!

104 / A Compendium Of Courage

Here’s what courage looks like to you in 2022.

100 / Reasons To Be Optimistic

A video every creative person should see about the future of the creator economy.

090 / Don't Make Work Out Of Things You Enjoy

Some thoughts on creativity and work, plus an important announcement about the future of this newsletter.

086 / To Stand A Little Apart From This Life Of Mine

Here are a few of my favourite newsletter writers I recommend following.

078 / Would You Like To Write A Letter?

If you have something to say about making art, telling visual stories and the creative process, I’d love to share my platform with you.

058 / A Kind of Aliveness I Live For

A crucial distinction for all artists - you don’t think in order to draw, you draw in order to think.

052 / End of Season Finale

I have published a newsletter a week for a whole year! But what next? Plus an update on my postcards project.

049 / A Story About The Universe

I believe that when you move towards your dreams, the universe will move with you. I see evidence of this everywhere.

048 / The Future Of This Letter

My year-long experiment is nearly over, and so I need to ask you - what should I do next?

026 / Your Questions, Answered

A Q&A session with Third Something Readers - I answer questions about filmmaking and my creative process.

019 / Five Miscellaneous Things

There’s a lot in this one! Poetry, filmmaking, graphic novels and visual storytelling - take your pick!

000 / The Third Something

Introducing The Third Something newsletter - reflections on visual storytelling and the creative process.