Letters About YouTube

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138 / The Long Game Manifesto

Reflecting on a decade of playing the long game

132 / Fresh Eyes on Old Memories

Rewatching some videos I haven’t seen in nearly a decade!

131 / The Permanence of Paper

Will my art outlive me?

125 / Silence The Influencers

Some notes on the challenge of finding your own voice in this noisy world

103 / Curiosity And Courage

A challenging question to begin your new year.

100 / Reasons To Be Optimistic

A video every creative person should see about the future of the creator economy.

072 / Maybe It Is Not What You Achieve, But Who You Inspire

Apparently seeing inside my sketchbook has inspired lots of you start drawing again - and that’s wonderful!

039 / September 29th 2009

Reflecting on a decade of being a freelance filmmaker and journalist - and an update from the Emmy Awards!

033 / As The Electromagnetic Pulse Ripped Through The City, He Saw It Was All For Nothing

When I’m not scared of losing my life’s work, I think about destroying it.

020 / You're Weird

Exceed algorithmic description - make art the computer cannot categorise!

014 / Outsider's Luck

Do people who aren’t trying so hard have some kind of outsider’s advantage?