Letters About Zines

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131 / The Permanence of Paper

Will my art outlive me?

130 / Welcome To Shit Hill, Population—Me

My brand new short story collection is now available!

124 / You Can Draw Anything!

Lessons I’ve learned from creating & publishing my first zine

123 / Make Art, Get It Seen

I’m thrilled to announce my debut short story collection is now on sale!

120 / Visual Storytelling (in Three Acts)

A step-by-step guide to the many choices a filmmaker or comics artist makes in telling a story.

113 / Sometimes You Have To See It, To See It

I’m excited to reveal a new creative storytelling project and a pop-up newsletter!

112 / Instantaneous Paper Rebellion!

In praise of a medium that is at once unmeasurable, hopelessly unscalable and algorithmically unfathomable.