What Am I Doing Right Now?

Last updated on 25th February 2024

✏️ Art

I am hard at work on a second draft of my as-yet-untitled graphic novel. I completed a story design pass in January and a complete dialogue rewrite in February. In March, I will share the script with trusted friends and begin page layouts. The longer plan, as I outline here, is to pitch a book proposal to agents and publishers next spring.

🎥 Work

I have two short videos in production at The New York Times, with as yet unknown publish dates. They both tackle issues for voters in the forthcoming U.S. election.

❄️ Life

January was a long month and February is a tough month, the final one in my annual winter hiberation. I’m looking forward to planning some travel and adventures as the days grow longer and warmer.

What's a now page? It's a place to tell you what I'm focused on right now! Based on a concept by Derek Sivers.