What Am I doing now?

Last updated on 1st May 2022

🎥 Work

I’m excited to announce that on May 3rd, I am joining The New York Times as a staff Video Producer, based from their bureau in London. I have been directing and editing videos for the publication in a freelance capacity since 2017 and it’s fantastic to be joining the Opinion Video team more officially. My colleagues are the best creative minds, reporters and editors in the business and I can’t wait to be more involved!

Unfortunately, it means I am currently unavailable for freelance projects.

✏️ Art

My creative projects — including my newsletter and short stories — will continue on the side. I have begun work on a zine of short stories called Bite Guard Fever Dreams which will be published in September.

You can read all the details here and even follow my progress each week in a new pop-up newsletter!

❤️ Life

I’m continuining my habits of practicing french for 30 minutes a day and swimming three times a week. Now the weather is improving, I go for a walk first thing in the morning to clear my head before drawing.

What's a now page? It's a place to tell you what I'm focused on right now! Based on a concept by Derek Sivers.