What Am I Doing Right Now?

Last updated on 12th November 2023

✏️ Art

I have just completed the first draft of my first graphic novel, a story about friendship and art. The plan as I outline here, is to pitch a book proposal to agents and publishers next spring.

Meanwhile copies of Biteguard Fever Dreams 2 are back in stock at Gosh! Comics in London and still available online. Click here to get your hands on a copy!. A short story I drew this summer has just been published in the Change Anthology by WIP Comics.

🎥 Work

I’m in development on two really interesting films for The New York Times, which explore loneliness and artificial intelligence. They’ll be published later in 2024.

❄️ Life

I’ve been enjoying the graphic novels of Owen Pomery, including his latest, The Hard Switch. I’ve been re-reading Mastery by Robert Greene, a decade after it first inspired me to make The Long Game films. January 2024 will make ten years since the first episode was published.

What's a now page? It's a place to tell you what I'm focused on right now! Based on a concept by Derek Sivers.